NANOBLIND filter reduces your eye strain by 55% during computer or smartphone work. It is the right solution for your eyesight protection.
NANOBLIND Filter is the right solution for your eye care or content privacy during your computer work.

NANOBLIND Filter is the right solution for your eye care or content privacy during your computer work.

About Us

KEM has been a developer and manufacturer of mechanicals since KEM was established in 1994.  KEM developped NANOBLIND film as an eye-sight protection screen filter to minimize eyestrain and fatigue for computer and smart phone users .

With its high precision machining capability and polymer nano-optical technology, KEM created nano carbon slats. They look and act like window blinds to control the direction of light transmission through the film. They are integrated with sliced polymer transparent films and embeded between 2 pet film layers in the high precision maching production line.   NANOBLIND film refracts , splits, blocks and absorbs diffused light and passes only straight light through it. So it makes your eye cool and comfortable with crystal clear images or texts on the screen.  NANOBLIND filter reduces 55% of total  light energy from a computer screen.  It is great news for computer users to minimize eye strain, dry eye, eye fatigue, eye irritation, conjunctivitis, blurred vision and other eye problems during computer work.   KEM developed a privacy filter  to keep visual hakers besides in the dark while you see your screen clearly.

Sens Corp established in 2002 as a California Corporation is the exclusive sales organization of   KEM ‘NANOBLIND™’ products. Sens Corp distributes natural or eco friendly products through regional distributors, retailers and retail chainstores.

Our mission is to help people to be healthy by providing fundamental eye care solutions and through continuous product innovation to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are committed to accomplishing this mission for better service.

Thank you for your time to learn a little more about us and we look forward to meeting and exceeding your needs.

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